Imprint Publishing: Why do cows wear bells?

Imprint publishing: Why do cows wear bells? Why did the soybean cross the road?

Have you ever pondered these compelling questions?  Well, you may not have thought about them, but we suspect that hundreds of children, perhaps thousands of young people, nationwide have.  These are titles of two of the popular activity books that we have developed through Imprint Publishing, a subsidiary of Communique, Inc.

Our first endeavor with Imprint Publishing was in 1989 when the Missouri Beef Industry Council asked us to develop a coloring book to explain to children where beef comes from.  We developed the book Beef: From the Farm To You then, and little did we know where it would lead us.

Imprint publishing: Beef O'Keefe

We found that other groups throughout the country were interested in delivering a positive message about their product to children, and their parents.  We developed our second book about beef, Learn About Beef with the Beef Kids, in which we featured characters that we hoped our young readers would identify with.

From there, we branched out to other subject areas and now we offer more than 20 titles to various clients, all of whom would like to target a message to children.

Our goal through these coloring and activity books was to deliver positive messages about a particular product to children, ages 5-12.  We agreed on the name, Imprint Publishing, because it captures the goal of our books — to “imprint” a positive message on the minds of young people.

Imprint Publishing: Why do cows wear bells?

Through the years, we have developed various messages for clients to highlight their product or idea, but the basic formula for the books has remained the same.  First, we offer activities in the books that are fun and entertaining for children, and educational at the same time.  Second, we attempt to offer content that would dovetail into a teacher’s lesson plan for various elementary school subjects, like geography, history, English, and spelling.

Why?  We know that our clients will naturally offer their coloring and activity books to elementary schools in their area.  We want to make it as easy as possible for teachers who receive our books to include them in their subject matter.  This has led us to develop a variety of ancillary products, like lesson plans, stickers, and classroom posters.

Oh, yes, the answers to those two compelling questions posed earlier…

Q: Why do cows wear bells?                          A: Just in case their horns don’t work.

Q: Why did the soybean cross the road?        A: To get away from the chicken.

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