The More You Give, The More You Get

Starting a business can be a dream come true and a nightmare waiting to happen, at the same time.

One given for ensuring that your dream does come true is to adopt an attitude of giving back to the community or the industry that you serve in your business.  Whether that’s a neighborhood, a village, a city, a state, a region, or even a country, a successful business will give back to the community early and often.

Example #1:

The community banks in our city are extremely generous and involved in our community.  No matter where you go, whether it’s a Chamber of Commerce meeting, a Red Cross fundraiser, a United Way function, a YMCA event, even a neighborhood gathering of some sort, you will find representatives of the community banks pitching in with both cash and, perhaps more importantly, people power.

Of course, the banks have a special interest in helping their community grow and thrive.  When the community grows and thrives, the banks tend to grow and thrive.

But above and beyond that, community bankers know that people like to do business with people they like, personally.  That’s why they put themselves out there at as many community events as possible.

Example #2:

A florist in our city gives away dozens and dozens of roses every year on Valentine’s Day.  One might think that there has to be some sort of catch to this, but no, he literally gives away beautiful bouquets of roses to as many people that come to his store, as long as the roses last.

Example #3:

Our firm has tried to do it all in this area.  From serving in nearly every volunteer capacity the local Chamber of Commerce offers, to United Way volunteering, to Rotary and other service and business groups, we have invested time and money in the community.  Recently, we took a different approach to this giving-back concept.  We made donations to two charitable organizations that are near and dear to our clients in the agricultural field.  Not only did we assist the charity, but we also supported our clients who help our business succeed and grow.

Taking the approach of serving your community or industry and adopting a “give back” attitude, will help us all learn this important lesson: the more we give to the community, the more the community will give to us.

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