The Mainstream Media Is Not an Uncontrollable Monster

One of the Donald Trump stories in the news this week is his on-going war of words with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, a Gold Star family who spoke out against Trump at the Democratic National Convention. A common complaint by Trump supporters on social media is that the “mainstream media” is treating Trump unfairly. Supporters[…]

7 ways social media makes better communicators

Seven Ways Social Media Makes Better Communicators

By looking at digital communications as a tool to enhance and grow communication skills, we can learn to appreciate the unique outlook and fresh skill set it is providing users to make them better communicators. Before social media, people were extremely limited in the exposure and interactions they could experience with people that they did[…]

Imprint Publishing: Why do cows wear bells?

Imprint publishing: Why do cows wear bells? Why did the soybean cross the road? Have you ever pondered these compelling questions?  Well, you may not have thought about them, but we suspect that hundreds of children, perhaps thousands of young people, nationwide have.  These are titles of two of the popular activity books that we[…]

When It Comes to Communications, You Can’t Sit It Out

Everyone once in a while, I hear dismay over a communications challenge. A problem may seems so big that an important advocate may consider not even participating in the discussion. For example, maybe a scientist who has spent half of his or her life researching a specific area of human health is demoralized by the[…]

Misconceptions of PR image

5 Common Misconceptions about Public Relations

  When I took Introduction to Public Relations in college, I remember reading a paragraph in the required text book that said something along the lines of: “Public relations is not all about attending glamorous parties, throwing star studded events, and having celebrities on speed dial. Do not expect your day-to-day life to be equivalent[…]

The Power of Continuing Education Credits to Amplify Your Message

Providing continuing education credits for health professionals is an incredibly valuable way to extend your health communications, whether it be publications, videos, or seminars. Having your work accredited by a professional organization provides three benefits: 1. Credits motivate health professionals to seek you out. Health professionals must earn credits to retain their certification, and at[…]

You’re Using Hashtags Wrong and Your Followers Probably Find it Annoying

The overuse of hashtags has gotten out of hand and needs to be addressed. Last week I saw an Instagram post with 32 individual hashtags—32 hashtags! Overloading your followers with hashtags is not a useful digital strategy, and it’s probably hurting your online reputation more than its helping. I understand you want to drive traffic[…]

Cheerleading Not Allowed

As we seek to educate dietitians, health professionals and researchers on behalf of our clients, there is one rule we keep in mind: “no cheerleading.” Our goal when it comes to agriculture, health and nutrition is to set forth the facts and to let the target audience think for themselves. We show respect for them[…]