Soy Connection Social



Soy Connection Social, by the United Soy Bean board (USB), provides information about the benefits of soy through digital media platforms. In the past decade, soyfoods have received a lot of criticism from the health community. Previously focusing primarily on soybean farmers, USB faced an uphill challenge developing a communication method to connect to health professionals who could change the opinion of soy in the health community. Our mission: to build and foster deeper relationships with health professionals, encouraging them to promote soy within their social media communities, as well as to their clients and patients.


Communique launched social media sites for Soy Connection Social in 2015, led by the implementation of “myth-busting” activity that conveys soy in a positive and proactive way. We launched an integrated social campaign that shares meaningful and positive content about soy and its effects on human health. We aggressively increased our followers by utilizing targeted advertising campaigns and also growing our community organically. All of our messaging is designed to reach influential health professionals who can effectively communicate the benefits of soy to their community, patients, and clients.


Overall, Soy Connection Social has been successful in reversing the decline in health perceptions about soy and raising consumer perceptions of soy as healthy. Our social community grows steadily each day with engagement rates, click-thrus, and impressions continuing to increase. In the last year, we have increased brand awareness and reputation by nearly doubling Soy Connection’s social media following. We will continue to grow our health professional community, and continue to spread the positive information about soy to the health professional community engaged in social media.