The Soyfoods Guide

When the United Soybean Board was struggling with the timeliness and consistency of the annual Soyfoods Guide, it turned to COMMUNIQUÉ, and we quickly set out to redesign the publication.

The Soyfoods Guide is an educational and promotional tool to help provide information about the healthfulness of soy to health professionals and consumers. It’s chock-full of information about soyfoods, delicious soy recipes, and articles on the health benefits of soy consumption. This guide is used by state soybean boards at trade shows, conferences and seminars, as well as in promotional events within their states.

After the switch to COMMUNIQUÉ, a survey of state soybean boards showed that 88% of the respondents viewed the revamped Soyfoods Guide as “excellent” in terms of its value as a communications tool. In addition, 88% said the appearance of the guide was “excellent.” In terms of content, all of the respondents said it was “excellent,” or “good.”